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Writing Prompts for July


If you haven’t already….

Be sure to go to the Bloggers 2016 page and add your Blog’s Link to the list. This will serve as a general listing of those bloggers participating this year.


Our topic is To Will with an alphabet option each week. Read more here…

Below you will find the links of posts from the participating bloggers.


If you would like to submit your post for this week’s list, please follow these steps for adding your blog listing.

1. In the widget box below where you see “Your Name” please type in the name of your blog and the title of your post or the subject of your post.

For Example: The Magickal Pen- Your Connection to Community

2. In the widget box below where you see “Your URL” please type in the URL for this specific blog post for the week.

For Example:
TIP: I usually cut and paste the url from my blog’s post page into the widget box.

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