December Writing Prompts


Happy December Bloggers!

This month the focus is on ETHICS… As a member of the human species we are faced with choices everyday. The responses we make are most often guided by our definition of values, standards and what we consider to be just and ethical behavior.

Add the complexity of walking a spiritual path and he topic of Ethics becomes one that reaches deeply into the fabric of who we wish to be and who we believe ourselves to be.

So, use this month’s writing to share, listen and explore your ethical landscape…

Options of the Alphabet are:

Dec. 7th – Wk. 1- Through the Alphabet – W

Dec. 14th – Wk. 2- Through the Alphabet – X

Dec. 21st – Wk. 3- Through the Alphabet – Y

Dec. 28th – Wk. 4- Through the Alphabet – Z

Remember! The posting page for your links will be available the Sunday evening before each Monday Musing.  


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