August 2016

This Month’s Focus is on….


Most spiritual practices encourage the space of gratitude as part of your daily experience. But what does that mean beyond the definition of the word?

These next weeks will provide the opportunity for you to write about your definition of the word, how you enact gratitude in your workings, how it informs your actions and how you share the bounty of that with community.

So, dig deeply into the coffers of your most abundant and fruitful self as we explore Gratitude’s gifts.


The A to Z Pagan Glossary

Options of the Alphabet this month begin anew:

August 1st – Wk. 1- Through the Alphabet – E

August 8th – Wk. 2- Through the Alphabet -F

August 15th – Wk. 3- Through the Alphabet – G

August 22nd – Wk. 4- Through the Alphabet – H

Bonus Week is… August 29th..  Writing on any topic of your choice

Writings From the Pagan Community