January 2016


Happy January Bloggers!

This month the focus is on SPIRITUAL GROWTH...

Spiritual growth is the goal of all seekers on whatever path they may choose. All actions, learnings and practices are primed and directed towards moving forward. Some considerations for this topic are:

What do these two words mean to you?
How do you measure your growth?
What supports it?
What challenges its potential?
How does it effect change in others?

So, use this month’s writing to share, listen and explore your what “spiritual growth” means to you…

Options of the Alphabet are:

Jan. 4th – Wk. 1- Through the Alphabet – A

Jan. 11th – Wk. 2- Through the Alphabet – B

Jan. 18th – Wk. 3- Through the Alphabet – C

Jan. 25th – Wk. 4- Through the Alphabet – D

Writings From the Pagan Community