July 2016

We have spent the last few months exploring the meanings of….

To Know – To Will – To Dare and To Be Silent

These Four together are known as The Four Powers of the Sphinx and the Witch’s Pyramid. But, they are not limited to a specific spiritual path and show up in varying forms and combinations within all spiritual truths.

So, holding the intention of exploring more deeply what these concepts mean to you, this month our focus is:

To Will

What is it that you will (into) to be? How do you exert your will? What form does this will take as you strive towards w(W)ill to Action?

Use this month’s writing to dig a little deeper into what this topic means to you, both at the levels of the mundane and the spiritual…….

Thank you to one of our bloggers, Lesley Miller for sharing this wonderful resource if you are following the alphabet option…

The A to Z Pagan Glossary

Options of the Alphabet this month begin anew:

July 4th – Wk. 1- Through the Alphabet – A

July 11th – Wk. 2- Through the Alphabet -B

July 18th – Wk. 3- Through the Alphabet – C

July 25th – Wk. 4- Through the Alphabet – D

Writings From the Pagan Community