March 2016


This month the focus is on Moving with Grace...

The month of March is one of beginnings and endings. This is the ebb and flow of energy that heralds new life beginning from the thaw of Winter’s grasp or the harvesting of what bounty was found in the warmth of Summer.

Last month we considered the definition of “Transition”, and now that this space of transition is upon us, how will we flow into the next phase of journey?

Some consider this flow to be a state of Grace. What is your perspective of what lay beyond transitions? How would you define the term “Grace“? And, what do we call upon to navigate those bumpier roads that derail, discourage and produce a state of dis-ease?

Use this month’s writing to dig a little deeper into what this topic means to you, both at the levels of the mundane and the spiritual…….

Thank you to one of our bloggers, Lesley Miller for sharing this wonderful resource if you are following the alphabet option…

The A to Z Pagan Glossary

Options of the Alphabet this month are:

March 7th – Wk. 1- Through the Alphabet – J

March 14th – Wk. 2- Through the Alphabet -K

March 21st – Wk. 3- Through the Alphabet – L

March 28th – Wk. 4- Through the Alphabet – M

Writings From the Pagan Community